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As a graduate from the University of Illinois’ Molecular and Cellular Biology program, I am proficient within the basic principles of Molecular Biology. My research background has touched in enzymology and behavioral genetics, and I am currently investigating the gene expression profiles of the honeybee brain on the basis of nutrition, behavior and pheromones. I recently took interest in Science journalism to not only practice my writing skills but also to compel readers in caring for the Natural World. Enjoy

A Decaying, Giant and Misshaped Penis

What a wonderful day for Science! Today I was introduced to the exotic and wonderful plant- Amorphophallus titanum (or Amorpho- misshapened, phallus- phallus/penis, titanum- giant).  Native to the rainforests of Sumatra and Indonesia, this behemoth can stand erect at a … Continue reading

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Fighting Fire with Fire in Virology and Behavior

Some would characterize the Rabies virus as a lethal, zombie-inducing parasite. A victim could easily be spotted by a mouth foaming in virus-infected slobber or even with a confused, aggressive temperament. The remarkable capability for this virus to infect the mammalian … Continue reading

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